CyberSecurity Partner

“we are dedicated in helping organizations secure what matters most, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. Our mission is to empower organizations to maintain in control over their valuable digital assets, ensuring peace of mind and enabling continued growth and success.”

Our selected cybersecurity partners have accumulated their credentials over the past years and are all acknowledged in the Gartner’s leader quadrant.

Cyber security Mission

We help you to show your customers proof how seriously you keep on top of your Cyber Resilience. NIS2 – BIO – DORA – ISO 27001– GDPR (AVG) are closely aligned standards.

Nis2-Foundation utilizes the NIST CIS v8 maturity rating as its benchmark for assessing maturity levels, which it then could map to NIS2, CYRA, and ISO 27001.

Cybersecurity Consultancy Team

At Nis2-foundation our vision is to empower organizations by providing cutting-edge cybersecurity consultancy services.  Having served numerous clients, we specialize in crafting successful cybersecurity strategies that prioritize resilience and compliance. In today’s era of digital transformation, local cyber legislation and supply chain governance, the need for an optimized security posture & network hygiene is paramount. 

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