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We help you to show your customers proof how seriously you keep on top of your Cyber Resilience.

Dick Geheniau
Cybersecurity Advocate

Mail: Dick@nis2foundation.com

Phone +31 646 418 755

With 21 years of experience in sales management within the cybersecurity and hybrid cloud domain, I have demonstrated a consistent passion for building and leading strong sales & marketing teams. My expertise extends to corporate & enterprise executive selling. My leadership style is rooted in the ability to inspire people, foster meaningful conversations around technology, and maintain a focus on achieving positive business outcomes for both customers and business partners. While my gut instinct serves me well, I am committed to informed decision-making and rely on data to reinforce and guide my choices.

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Professional Skills:
Persistent | Enthusiastic | Critical thinking | Direct | Can do attitude | Reliable | Coaching | inspire | Leadership | Customer care | Team Development | Strategic Planning | Business Development | Digital marketing Automation | Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sven van Weely
New Developments and

Mail: sven@nis2foundation.com


Entrepreneur | Director |
Co-Founder New Developments
**Entrepreneur | Director | Co-Founder of New Developments**
I offer you accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record in founding and directing innovative businesses. As the driving force behind Nis2_Foundatioen and Fourteam, I am responsible for defining and implementing strategic initiatives, overseeing marketing efforts, shaping educational policies, and fostering partnerships that drive growth and development. My expertise lies in crafting and executing strategies that propel organizations forward, ensuring sustained success and market relevance.
Located in the picturesque City ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the heart of North Brabant, Netherlands, my work environment inspires creativity and collaboration. I am passionate about helping partners and clients achieve their goals by providing tailored support and actionable insights. My commitment to continuous learning and professional development enables me to offer cutting-edge training sessions on AI and marketing strategies for professionals, empowering them to harness the power of technology to drive business success.
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Egbert van Weely

CyberSecurity Partner &

Customer Support

Phone: +310646721101
Mail: egbert@nis2foundation.com

Hello I am Egbert van Weely van Nis2Foundation, a results-driven professional with a strong focus on business development. Combining technical expertise with commercial acumen, I excel at identifying new business opportunities, building relationships, and developing strategic partnerships.

Experience: Extensive experience in business development across various sectors. Successfully developed and implemented strategies to stimulate company growth. My experience includes identifying potential markets and customers, building strong relationships with key stakeholders, and closing lucrative deals.
Proven experience in leading sales and marketing teams. I can motivate teams, set goals, and guide them to achieve success. My strong negotiation skills enable me to close win-win agreements and build long-term business relationships.
Education: In addition to my technical background, I have delved into business and management. I have completed additional training in business development and sales strategies, enhancing my knowledge in this area.
Business Strategy: I am skilled in developing strategic plans to drive organizational growth. I can identify market opportunities, conduct competitive analyses, and provide valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition.
Relationship Management: I excel at building and maintaining relationships with clients, partners, and key stakeholders. I understand the importance of building trust and delivering value to foster long-term collaborations.
Negotiation: I possess excellent negotiation skills and can close win-win agreements. I understand the needs of both parties and can find compromises that are beneficial to all involved.
Team Leadership: Proven experience in leading and motivating sales and marketing teams. I can set objectives, coach team members, and inspire them to achieve outstanding results.
Personal Attributes: Driven and energetic professional with a passion for creating growth opportunities. Proactive, results-oriented, and have a strong analytical ability. Not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. My strong communication and presentation skills enable me to present convincing arguments and inspire others to embrace new business opportunities.

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